Aviation & Border Security

With over 8 million people in transit in the world at any one time, and almost 3 billion border crossings per year, the task of managing this number of travelers is challenging. Authorities who have to deal with the ramifications of these large numbers must look to technology to help support and automate the task of processing travelers.

The use of biometrics can reconcile two seemingly contradictory objectives: improve security and reduce the waiting time for passengers and personnel. Effective and viable biometric systems, using Morpho's proven technologies, confirm the identities of passengers and personnel without inconvenience.

Morpho IAD™


Iris at a Distance

Capable of acquiring iris images in one second from 3ft away, Morpho IAD™ offers fast, non-intrusive iris recognition. Its design allows easy integration into gates, counters, walls. NIST's IREX IV ranked Morpho iris algorithms #1 for speed and accuracy.

Morpho IAD™ has two acquisition modes: one fully automated and one managed by an operator. The solution has been designed for integration into existing environments, such as e-gate, counter, or wall. Software options are also available for biometric encoding and anti-spoofing are also available.

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