Aviation & Border Security

With over 8 million people in transit in the world at any one time, and almost 3 billion border crossings per year, the task of managing this number of travelers is challenging. Authorities who have to deal with the ramifications of these large numbers must look to technology to help support and automate the task of processing travelers.

The use of biometrics can reconcile two seemingly contradictory objectives: improve security and reduce the waiting time for passengers and personnel. Effective and viable biometric systems, using Morpho's proven technologies, confirm the identities of passengers and personnel without inconvenience.





MorphoTablet02Biometric Tablet for Trusted Services

MorphoTablet™ is a secure multifunction biometric tablet for the delivery of trusted services and 2014 winner of both the ID Award and the SESAME IT Security award.

Using biometrics (fingerprint & facial recognition) and cryptographic functions, MorphoTablet guarantees secure mobile data operations. This compact touch screen tablet combines mobility, versatility and security in a single platform for trusted services anywhere.

MorphoTablet™ guarantees secure mobile data operations with biometrics (fingerprint & facial recognition) and cryptographic functions. Compact touch screen tablet combines mobility, versatility and security in single platform for trusted services anywhere.

MorphoTablet™ delivers a unique combination of capabilities in one solution.

  • Strong authentication: fingerprint and face recognition ("What I am"), smartcards ("What I have") and passwords ("What I know")
  • Tamper-proof hardware: data stored in internal secure element are deleted and device locked-down in case of tampering
  • Encryption functions: embedded crypto-processor protects sensitive data, file system, communication channels
  • SAM card reader: secondary secure element acts as "integrated safe" for digital certificates, cryptographic keys
  • Secure device management: fully compatible with Android antivirus and Fleet Management solutions
  • Android SDK enables customized, simple, easy to use GUI and application workflow
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3G or Wi-Fi enables immediate data exchange, live online verification

MorphoTablet™ supports the robust processes established by Know Your Customer (KYC) to validate and verify identity for any type of registration and identity verification.

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