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MorphoWave Tower

Access Controlled with a wave of the hand

MorphoWave Tower, the market's first biometric access solution featuring high-speed contactless fingerprint matching, was awarded Best New Product of 2015 by the Security Industry Association (SIA) from a record setting 110 entries.

MorphoWave Tower provides frictionless access control for sensitive, high-traffic environments, flow management and other situations where convenience, speed and security are a priority. MorphoWave Tower captures and matches four fingerprints with a wave of the hand. Despite repeated scans the contactless scanner remains clean, reading wet and dry fingerprints without difficulty. The absence of residual latents, moisture, or contaminants on the scanner contributes to the speed and high quality of MorphoWave Tower's fingerprint images, and Morpho's NIST #1 ranked algorithms ensure unrivalled matching accuracy. 

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