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USB Fingerprint Scanners

The MorphoSmart™ Optic Series— or MSO Series — is a family of highly secure optical USB scanners based on Morpho's 35-year experience in the fields of electro-optics and forensic quality fingerprint processing algorithms. The MSO Series covers a wide range of applications: enrollment, authentication and identification in industrial/commercial and governmental environments.

  • Version with Finger vein / Fingerprint matching
  • Morpho #1 NIST rated fingerprint algorithm on-board
  • High quality fingerprint capture and processing with optical scanner
  • Same device for enrollment and matching
  • Large identification capacity for up to 10,000 users (2 fingers each)
  • Certifications: FBI PIV IQS, MINEX
  • Optional security features include fake finger detection, data protection through digital signature or encrypted data exchange
  • Integrated smartcard reader versions GSA FIPS 201 Approved
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MorphoSmart Optic™ 1300 Series (MSO)

The MorphoSmart™ 1300 Series (MSO 1300 Series) is a range of compact USB fingerprint devices for highly secure desktop applications.

Download the MorphoSmart Optic™ 1300 Series brochure
MorphoSmart™ Optic 300 Series (MSO)

The MorphoSmart™ 300 Series (MSO 300 Series) is a family of robust and high quality single finger optical sensors.

Download the MorphoSmart™ Optic 300 Series brochure
MorphoSmart Optic Finger VP Desktop

World leader in biometrics, Morpho has developed a multimodal device capable of capturing and processing finger vein and fingerprint biometric data at the same time.

Ergonomic, intuitive and highly secured, the MorphoSmart™ FINGER VP DESKTOP unit is well suited to enrollment and desktop applications, such as logical access control, secure payment, ID control, etc.

Download the MorphoSmart™ Optic Finger VP Desktop brochure
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