Biometric Data Management

Morpho introduces MorphoCivis™, an unrivalled software suite allowing governments to better manage the Identity of their citizens in numerous fields (ID cards, passports, driver's license, health and welfare, vote, etc. MorphoCivis™ is made up of five sub-components.



morphocivis.jpgMorphoCard System™ The MorphoCard System™ is a streamlined smart card system enabling government agencies to monitor the life cycle of issued electronic credentials and manage card profiles and applications. It carries out post-issuance operations to provide access to additional e-government services, all this combined on one single multi-purpose smartcard document.

MorphoBiometric Engine™ MorphoBiometric Engine™ allows operators to carry out biometric searches and manage large-size biometric databases. A MorphoCivis system can use one or more biometric techniques (fingerprint, portrait or iris) depending on the available data, to offer the best identification results.

MorphoEVA™ Civis To manage "front office" interaction with the public, Morpho has developed the MorphoEVA™ Civis component as a comprehensive set of integrated functions. These functions enable the enrolment of individuals and their authentication when the ID document is delivered to them.

The MorphoPopulation Register™ The MorphoPopulation Register™ is the central reference point, where individual rights (identity, drivers' licenses, voting, health and welfare, passports, visas, etc.) are defined, stored and managed. Management of individual rights is carried out in total accordance with each country's rules & regulations and government organization procedures.

MorphoPerso™ The MorphoPerso™ solution takes care of operations and handling processes related to the personalization phase of the document. It is based on several modules to allow total adaptation to our clients' distribution strategy. Documents can thus be personalized in a central site or in several locations distributed over the country.

Morpho Identity Manager Morpho Identity Manager is the core component making the creation and maintenance of a trustful Identity repository possible in a cost-effective way, thanks to over 20 years of biometric research and worldwide experience in large-scale national digital identity management programs.

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