Biometrics for Healthcare

Patients expect quality in the delivery of care, and providers seek increased efficiency and cost savings. To answer these needs, Morpho offers both biometrics and smart card technology for healthcare applications.

Our technology allows healthcare insurers, providers and patients to save time and money with paperless workflows and fraud prevention. Our technology provides patient treatment accountability as well as security and confidentiality of patient records.

  • Patient and professional identity management, from a paperless application process to credential lifecycle management
  • Patient biometric identity verification in provider locations
  • Biometric and smart card verification for access to treatment and medicine
  • Secure management of patient medical and personal data

Biometrics & Smart Cards


biometrics_for_smart_cards.jpgWith streamlined technology, Morpho has been helping healthcare providers with their administrative burdens since the 1990's. Morpho biometric and smart card technology offers:

  • Privacy: Smart card technology is virtually impossible to counterfeit, thus acting as a lock-box where all private data is stored without fear of unauthorized access
  • Security: Access control mechanisms and cryptographic services limit access to private data and electronically seal the document with a legally recognized digital signature
  • Cost effectiveness: Biometrics and card provide paperless workflows for large scale cost reduction
  • Flexibility: Change and update data, add services on chip provides high-level customization and flexibility, leading to better quality care with improved the patient follow-up
  • Convenience: Biometrics can identify patient without a card
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