ID control

ID control devices allow both identification and authentication of the bearer of a biometric identity document, whether in the field or at a desk. They are particularly useful when infrastructures are not equipped with automated controls.





MorphoIDent™ Handheld mobile identification device for highly secure applications

MorphoIDent™ is a handheld mobile identification device for highly secure applications. Designed to securely identify persons in health care, social services, border control, law enforcement and security services settings, it enables real-time identification based on Morpho's world-class fingerprint recognition technology. Compact, easy to use and accurate, MorphoIDent™ provides for mobile identification in admissions and clinical settings as well as in field operations.

  • Compact & lightweight mobile device with full color display
  • Supports Match on Device (for local search) 1:5 000 users with 2 templates each
  • Match on server supported for very large databases
  • High Quality FBI IQS certified Morpho optical fingerprint sensor
  • Fully integrates with Morpho desktop and fixed biometric reader range
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