Contactless Biometric Capture

The Morpho biometric matching architecture is not the only Morpho technology that supports increasing needs for identification and authentication applications. Morpho and its U.S. companies have also pioneered innovative biometric capture methods.

For fingerprints, Morpho has introduced the MorphoWave contactless fingerprint capture terminal. This terminal, available in multiple form factors, supports sensitive, high-traffic environments, flow management and other situations where convenience, speed, and security are a priority. Unlike older technologies, MorphoWave can capture four fingerprints with a wave of the hand in less than a second.

In the iris capture area, Morpho's Iris at a Distance (IAD) product eliminates the need for a person to position his or her eyes directly in front of an iris capture camera. This is another technology that reduces waiting times while improving security. A user can stand three feet away from Morpho IAD, and the user's irises will be captured within one second.

While face capture is by definition contactless, Morpho products such as Morpho Argus and Morpho Video Investigator are designed to rapidly provide actionable information to system users. Morpho Argus monitors real-time video information and compares identified faces against multiple watchlists, while Morpho Video Investigator allows investigators to focus on specific areas of interest within multiple video feeds.

Contactless biometric capture methods provide multiple benefits to Morpho's U.S. customers. Travelers can rapidly enter secure airport areas. Employees of critical facilities can also enter secure areas swiftly. And additional applications can ease the lives of people as biometrics are more commonly accepted in everyday life.

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