Digital Security

Morpho is a worldwide leader in trusted identity and digital security. Our world is rapidly changing, making security and data confidentiality primary goals. We deliver trust to our customers by providing smart transaction services and solutions.

Centered around authentication, Morpho USA's solutions combine leading biometric identification, flexible secure elements and versatile authentication systems for the banking and insurance sectors as well as telecom and industry.

As a leading player in the North American global payment market, we offer financial institutions an innovative portfolio ranging from classic smart card technologies (which are expanding quickly in the United States because of fraud issues) to cutting-edge mobile payment and e-banking services as well as online payment security.

Specifically for the growing US payment market, Morpho has a strategic partnership with Perfect Plastic Printing (PPP), a world leader in plastic card manufacturing, established more than 12 years ago. Together we deliver an unmatched portfolio of advanced solutions and services to financial institutions, consisting of world-class EMV products including contactless & dual interface, instant issuance and biometrics for customer enrollment, authentication and identification. The rich history of both companies allows these technologies to be delivered while continuing to provide the highest levels of customer service and manufacturing available in the industry.

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