Shaping the future

Combining biometrics and digital solutions to make life safer and easier

New digital technologies are transforming our world at a rapid pace, creating new challenges as well as new opportunities. Through an ambitious Research & Development policy, Morpho and its U.S. companies aim to play a key role in developing innovative biometric technologies that will shape the future of our society. Morpho works in close partnership with governments, academia, and leading companies on those major security and identity challenges facing modern society in order to achieve a common goal: make life safer and easier for everyone.

Collaborative innovation

Morpho's U.S. companies collaborate not only with other Morpho centers of excellence throughout the world, but also with academic and research institutions in the United States.

Morpho Centers of Excellence

MorphoTrak headquarters in Anaheim, California hosts a Center of Excellence for Platforms & Services. This Center of Excellence employs over four dozen biometric subject matter experts, including several with Ph.Ds. Morpho's patent portfolio demonstrates our contributions to biometric knowledge.

Morpho's U.S. companies can also access Centers of Excellence that are located at Morpho facilities throughout the world. For example, Centers of Excellence for Platforms & Services are located in France, Germany, Ireland, and Morocco. Other Centers of Excellence and staff can be found in India, the Netherlands, and Singapore. These Centers of Excellence can collaborate to ensure that Morpho N.A. and MorphoTrak can provide the highest quality products to our United States customers.

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