Safran Announces Complete Dismissal of Patent Infringement Suit by Komodo

A patent infringement lawsuit filed by Morpho Komodo, LLC (hereafter “Komodo”; no relation to any Safran companies) against MorphoTrak, LLC and other Safran U.S. subsidiaries has been dismissed with prejudice, affirming the company’s pioneering leadership in the field of biometric technologies.

Komodo voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit that it filed in 2015 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. No money or any other consideration was paid to Komodo. In this case, MorphoTrak aggressively filed a Motion to Transfer Venue of the case to the Central District of California and sought leave to file a Motion for Summary Judgment. MorphoTrak went on to serve Komodo's attorneys with a Rule 11 Sanctions Motion for the recovery of costs and attorneys' fees for frivolous pleading, after which Komodo agreed to dismiss the case. MorphoTrak was represented in the matter by Armstrong Teasdale, LLP.

"Companies whose business models are nothing more than suing successful companies to get a quick payday settlement from a baseless lawsuit will not find the Safran group to be an easy mark," said Yves Charvin, General Counsel of Safran Identity & Security. "Not only will we vigorously defend these companies' lawsuits, we will hold plaintiffs' attorneys accountable for their baseless pleadings."

MorphoTrak and Safran Identity & Security, part of Safran's security business, have been developing and delivering biometric solutions to domestic U.S. and international government and commercial customers for over four decades, and have significant and extensive patent portfolios in these fields. Safran Identity & Security and MorphoTrak's technologies are continually recognized for superior accuracy and performance as demonstrated by the independent reports issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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