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Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) are joining forces to create a world leader in digital security & identification technologies with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, commute, travel and even vote safely in ways that are now possible in a connected world.

Last September, Safran announced that it had entered into exclusive negotiations with Advent International, the owner of Oberthur Technologies since 2011, to sell its identity and security activities and the transaction was finalized on 31st May 2017.

With a mix of complementary activities addressing the specific needs of five major industries (Financial services, Telecom, Identity, Security and IoT), OT-Morpho has an extensive global presence and a unique technological expertise (Biometrics, Authentication, Digital security, Data and video analytics).

With close to €3 billion in revenues, OT-Morpho employs more than 14,000 people worldwide, nearly 2,000 of whom work in the field of R&D.

"We are truly excited about combining OT and Morpho, two highly complementary leading companies. This merger will bring something completely new to the market, with trusted identities at the core of our solutions. As our physical and digital, civil and commercial lifestyles converge, OT-Morpho stands precisely at that crossroads to leverage the best in digital security and identity technologies, including biometrics, to offer customized solutions to its clients," declared Didier Lamouche, CEO of OT-Morpho.

Temporarily designated by the name "OT-Morpho", the company will unveil its new name in September of this year.


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MorphoTrak is the U.S. leader in secure multi-biometric technologies for fingerprint, face, and iris recognition, and is an acknowledged expert in biometric identification systems.

MorphoTrak is a U.S. based company with over 42 years of research, development and deployment experience in automated biometric systems. Our parent company Morpho is ranked #1 worldwide in civil identity applications, law enforcement solutions, and airport and border control systems.

Together with Morpho, we have designed and deployed comprehensive biometric solutions in more than 450 government agencies located in over 100 countries. Not only do we provide more statewide AFIS solutions than any other vendor in the U.S., we were also the vendor of choice to supply matching algorithms for the FBI's NGI system.

MorphoTrak is the only company in the U.S. that offers integrated border solutions using automated biographic and multi-modal biometrics technologies developed by Morpho. MorphoTrak is headquartered in Anaheim, CA. Our Morgantown, WV facility houses a Program Management and Engineering office, and Alexandria, VA is home to our federal office.


Morpho N.A. Inc.

Morpho N.A. Inc. is Morpho's subsidiary in charge of Commercial Identity markets in the U.S. and Canada. Morpho N.A., Inc. is a leading supplier of payment, telecom and biometric solutions to banks, payment networks, mobile network operators, original equipment manufactures (OEMs), online service providers and value added resellers. As the U.S. leader in biometric technologies, Morpho's extensive portfolio of solutions for customer enrollment, identification, authentication, payment, banking and mobile connectivity deliver security & privacy while ensuring a frictionless customer experience.

If you need more information about Morpho commercial identity solutions that we offer, please click here.


MorphoTrust USA

About MorphoTrust USA
MorphoTrust USA is "The Identity Company," providing market-leading solutions and services to state and federal agencies as well as businesses that simplify, protect and secure the lives of Americans. The company's offerings help ensure individuals are who they claim to be through the use of document authentication, data verification and biometric identification (face, fingerprints, iris and skin).

Forty-two of 50 states use MorphoTrust solutions to produce 80% of the U.S. driver licenses and IDs – the documents citizens rely on to exercise their civil rights, gain access to benefits and services, and ensure trusted transactions while reducing fraud and enhancing national security. Other programs include U.S. passports and passport cards, as well as solutions for border management, public safety, banking and travel.

MorphoTrust serves consumers through a nationwide network of 1100 IdentoGO® Centers, delivering fingerprinting and other identity-related services to over 3 million customers annually.

For more information about MorphoTrust, please visit their website.

About IdentoGO® Centers
IdentoGO® Centers
by MorphoTrust provide a single location where Americans can access a growing number of identity-related services through a nationwide network of professional and convenient locations. Spanning all 50 states and U.S. territories, the primary service offered in each center is the secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints.

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