Facial Recognition

The use of facial recognition as a biometric modality has advanced over the years, and is now a critical component in a multi-biometric solution. Criminal justice systems throughout the United States use Morpho facial recognition technology to identify persons of interest and enhance their investigation capabilities.  

A variety of Morpho software applications incorporate Morpho facial recognition algorithms and technology, including individual components of the MorphoBIS multimodal application, as well as stand-alone analytic applications that incorporate the technology.

In addition, forensic face training provides criminal justice professionals with the understanding that they need to analyze faces. 

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Forensic Face Comparison Training

When an automated face recognition solution is used for investigation or vetting purposes, it presents the reviewers or examiners with potential matches. It is up to the human reviewers to decide whether two facial images belong to the same individual

Forensic Face Comparison Training
Dr. Nicole Spaun, MorphoTrak Principal Biometric Facial Expert

Dr. Nicole Spaun, MorphoTrak Principal Biometric Facial Expert

Dr. Nicole Spaun, formerly of the FBI and a recognized expert in facial identification, has used her experience and the recommendations put forth by the Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG) to develop vendor-independent forensic facial comparison training for OT-Morpho.

This training is designed to help human reviewers better compare faces in different scenarios. Our Forensic Face Comparison training follows guidelines established by FISWG, and addresses facial review and facial identification. Attendees will learn about biometrics, facial anatomy, dermatology, image science, and image processing, as well as relevant legal issues and presentation in court.

Courses can be conducted at OT-Morpho's offices in Alexandria, Virginia or Anaheim, California, or by special arrangement at user sites.





This was one of, if not the best, trainings I've received in years. The set up and the way of training were perfect, as well as the dedication and enthusiasm of the trainer!

Training attendee at The Netherlands Police Training Academy.


For more information about future Forensic Face Comparison Training, or customizing a class for your agency, contact us:

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