Facial Recognition

The use of facial recognition as a biometric modality has advanced over the years, and is now a critical component in a multi-biometric solution. Criminal justice systems throughout the United States use Morpho facial recognition technology to identify persons of interest and enhance their investigation capabilities.  

A variety of Morpho software applications incorporate Morpho facial recognition algorithms and technology, including individual components of the MorphoBIS multimodal application, as well as stand-alone analytic applications that incorporate the technology.

In addition, forensic face training provides criminal justice professionals with the understanding that they need to analyze faces. 

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MorphoBIS Face Expert


MorphoBIS Face Expert

 04morpho_face_expert.pngThe MorphoBIS Face Expert is a facial recognition system designed to meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies, intelligence services and homeland security.

With a full suite of image enhancement tools, it enables investigators to perform fast and accurate facial searches based on photos and videos.

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