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Handheld Terminals for Police Patrols

MorphoTrak has a long history of providing handheld terminals to police and law enforcement. Our Mobile AFIS products deliver all the features and functionality required to accurately identify individuals and maximize productivity in a hand-held device. The ability to analyze an individual's fingerprints and facial image wirelessly makes this multi-modal biometric solution ideal for a variety of applications. Select from an array of device form factors with user-friendly software for intuitive searching of local and remote databases. In addition, Mobile AFIS can be configured to several communication standards to meet your mission-critical needs.

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Morpho iMobile suite (MiMs)


Morpho iMobile Suite

The Morpho iMobile Suite brings the rapidity, accuracy and reliability of Morpho biometric products to mobile ID check terminals.

The Morpho iMobile suite (MiMs) is a software suite specifically designed for mobile biometric solutions, offering efficiency, accuracy and reliability. It works with multiple operating systems and devices, including smartphones and tablets.

It provides real-time capability to check the identity of individuals, travelers, suspects, sporting event attendees, etc., in the field.

  • Enrollment of individuals
  • Person identification
  • Verification of secure ID documents
  • Crime scene investigation
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