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Handheld Terminals for Police Patrols

MorphoTrak has a long history of providing handheld terminals to police and law enforcement. Our Mobile AFIS products deliver all the features and functionality required to accurately identify individuals and maximize productivity in a hand-held device. The ability to analyze an individual's fingerprints and facial image wirelessly makes this multi-modal biometric solution ideal for a variety of applications. Select from an array of device form factors with user-friendly software for intuitive searching of local and remote databases. In addition, Mobile AFIS can be configured to several communication standards to meet your mission-critical needs.

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For real-time handheld identification


 saf06499_morphoident.jpgMorphoIDent™ is the most advanced handheld fingerprint device enabling real-time identification based on Morpho's world-class biometric technology. Compact, easy to use and accurate, MorphoIDent™ supports over 8 hours for continuous use from a single charge.

  • Design: Light, sleek and palm sized

  • Accuracy: FBI PIV IQS optical scanner

  • Reliability: Robust and fully certified

  • Usability: Vibration alert, color screen clearly visible outdoors

  • Flexibility: On-device or remote matching

  • Field proven: Thousands of devices already in the field

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