Rapid Review of Video Feeds

Morpho technology allows users to rapidly find areas of interest in video feeds.

Video recording is becoming an increasing part of everyday life – in public places, in commercial establishments, in our own homes, and as we walk around with smartphones. These video cameras record happy times in our lives – birthday parties, graduations, and other celebrations. But they can also record tragic or harmful events in our lives – natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and robberies.

Many of these events are recorded on video, but it is difficult to locate the relevant portions of the videos. When did activity occur in a given area? When did a particular person enter the area? When did the person move from the view of one camera to the view of another camera? When did an automobile move between cameras? When dealing with thousands of hours of video feeds, it becomes prohibitively difficult to answer these questions.

Morpho Video and Image analytic platform (MVI) is a tool that can be used to quickly identify the significant portions of video feeds. From detecting motion, to the presence of persons, to identifying characteristics on faces and license plates, MVI provides rapid answers to these questions.

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